about sepster UG

Sepster UG, has been working on various projects in different industries from healthtech to sustainability to fintech, insurtech and micro-mobility.
The goal is to bring data analysis and science into UX research and design.
Core value is multidisciplinary research methods for understanding users' behaviour, needs and wants.
Applying quantitative methodologies such as surveys, heatmaps, search query analysis combined with qualitative usability testings, user interviews and card sorting, to give bespoke reports to companies design team, marketing and product managers for creating best products and services.
Sepster UG officially was registered in Berlin, Germany, June 2020.

about Founder

Sepideh Razazzadeh has been working in the UX field since graduating from MSc in HCI from City University London in 2013.
After 3 years working on multiple projects in Tehran andLondon (remote) as UX Designer, Researcher and Consultant, she studied Data Science to bring more data knowledge for descriptive and predictive analysis in UX research and design process.
Graduating from MSc Data Science at IESEG, France, May 2017, she moved to Berlin and started working in a real estate firm as data analyst for a price predictive model for the German commercial real estate market. 
In 2018, as the first UX hire at Coya AG (Luko) , she created a strategy to build a process for insurance product discovery. In weekly design sprints, in the cycle of research, ideation, prototype, usability testing and insights report, she supported the stakeholders to have the users voice in offering insurance products. Before any insurance product went live, there was user research done in the form of interviews, surveys and usability testing sessions with wireframes and prototypes.
In September 2018, she co-founded DIDOTZ GmbH offering Technical SEO+UX solutions through data extraction and analysis. Working with big clients such as Pexels, Sepideh worked closely with developers and SEO expert managing projects in building data lake on cloud and analysing big data to give content strategy, information architecture and UX redesign solutions according to user behaviours and search queries to clients.
Sepster UG was found in Berlin in June 2020, continueing offering UX research and design solutions until now.
Sepideh is currently working full time in the micro-mobility industry, Wunder mobility, white label fleet management solutions having 30+ clients around the world. Joining Wunder, she has been working closely with product owners and designers, building and running User Research strategies. She established a research process and framework merging Jobs-To-Be-Done within user personas, user segmentations and throughout user experience design and product development.